“Any man truly in love with you will not last more than 6 minutes with you in bed” – Independent-minded man tells women

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An independent-minded man believes love-making (in the true sense of the word) must not last more than 6 minutes if you really love your partner.

According to him, any man who lasts more than 6 minutes clearly does not have any love and affection for the woman.

This was a reaction to a tweet where one man said within 6 minutes of love-making he probably would have gone for three rounds already since the love he has for the woman will not allow his orgasm the chance to flex.

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@Kussman believes six minutes is an ideal time for any man who is clearly in love with a woman to last during a love-making marathon or session.

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So as a woman you need to be on the lookout, if any man lasts more than 6 minutes when he gest under the sheets with you, this man says, I should tell you that, there’s certainly no love involved.

Have you heard the popular opinion that when you are in love with a person, you do not last long? Well, @Kussman thinks so. What do you think?



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