‘Any musician who wants to blow should consider joining RuffTown records’ – Wendy Shay

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Ghana is blessed with uncountable number of talents in reference to musicians but few are recognised. This is because it’s not easy to churn out hit songs in this country regardless.

But it’s obvious RuffTown records headed by Bullet is becoming a hub of hit songs production taking into consideration their past records. Thus, the late Ebony Reigns became well-known in Ghana kind courtesy RuffTown records.

Besides, Wendy Shay too is making waves in Ghana kind courtesy the same record label under discussion. So, it’s no surprise that Wendy in a recent interview has advised musicians struggling to join RuffTown for their own good.

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In the voice of Wendy Shay speaking to Larry, she’ll forever pay allegiance to RuffTown records because it’s the very best in the country. Perhaps reason why she advised struggling musicians to join hands with Bullet’s RuffTown records to help them blow.



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