“Any woman above age 30 should never be considered for marriage” – Gentleman explains 

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"Any woman above age 30 should never be considered for marriage" –Gentleman explains 

“A woman who has crossed the 30-year-old mark is not fit for marriage.” This is the personal view of a gentleman who calls himself Shadaya.

While this view seems quite unfounded, this gentleman has explained why he is convinced that a woman who at age 30 is still unmarried should be by-passed by any potential suitor.

According to Shadaya, a woman who is 30 has probably spent 12 years of her life sleeping with different men with her averaging sleeping with 216 men.

Per his calculations, a lady who started to sleep with men at age 18 and was quite decent has shared her punani with several men which clearly suggest that no man should be ready to pay for something that has been overused.

Shadaya ended by stating that such women are only good for sex but could not be considered long-term partners. He advised that settling down with women in the 30s who fall into his description is like buying a private bus and privatizing it.

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