‘Apio’ Can Kill You – Actor Wayoosi Warns

Actor Joseph Osei, popularly known as Wayoosi, has sternly cautioned Ghanaians, especially men, to refrain from consuming too much alcoholic liquor if they want to stay healthy and live longer.


He stated that the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, especially ‘Apio’ (a locally brewed gin), can have adverse effects on the health of a person, urging Ghanaians to take his counsel and live longer.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE, Wayoosi disclosed that he has totally been healed from an acute kidney ailment- a disease which rendered him immobile for some months.


According to the actor, aside alcohol intake, eating of spicy foods, intake of too much red meat and failure to have enough sleep, all of which he was guilty of, lead to kidney problems.

Wayoosi has, therefore, implored Ghanaians to adopt healthy eating lifestyle, have enough rest, especially at night, reduce the intake of salt and exercise their bodies frequently so that they would not be hit by kidney ailment.


He added that he has formed Wayoosi Foundation, whose main agenda is to create awareness about the dangers of kidney ailment and how people can live their lives to avert suffering from kidney problems.

Wayoosi pointed out that he will be touring the various senior high schools (SHS) across the country, where he will take advantage of their entertainment periods to educate the students about kidney ailment.


He underscored that if children are educated about the dangers of kidney ailment, they would surely adopt proper lifestyles which would prevent them from being afflicted with kidney ailment.
Wayoosi stated that his foundation (started four months ago) also has plans and vision of raising funds to support the effective education of children in the various orphanages in the country in the near future.


The actor has returned to the set and his acting career is still intact after battling with acute kidney ailment which kept him quiet for some time, urging his fans to expect him on the screens very soon.


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