Appietus FIRES Sarkodie For Saying He Never Earned A Penny From ‘Azonto Fiesta’ Song

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Popular music producer, Appietus has subtly put Sarkodie on the blast for saying he did not earn any money from the ‘Azonto Fiesta’ song which was released in 2012.

It all started when Kesse revealed recently in an interview that he was only given GHC 20 after featuring on the popular with Sarkodie and Appietus. Sarkodie quickly replied, saying he equally did not make anything from that song as well because it does not belong to him.

He tweeted;

I’m not sure he mentioned my name bro … that ain’t my song and I didn’t make a penny off that either… call the owner … shouts to the brother Kesse

Well, we have always thought the song belongs to Sarkodie until Kesse shook the table so this obviously this means Appietus is the owner and he has come out to respond.

Speaking to Prince Tsegah on Hitz FM, Appietus said Sarkodie lied when he said did not earn a penny from the song because he performed it on stages and pocketed the money.

He wrote:

“Sarkodie made money from the song. Sarkodie performed this particular song on many stages, and every stage they payed him before he performed, and once he always went on stage and performed this song, that’s money he was also making from the song, and so he shouldn’t come out and be saying he didn’t make penny off the song.”

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