April Fool’s Day prank ends in tears after lady told her boyfriend she’s in love with someone else

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An April Fool’s Day prank went wrong for a lady who decided to give her man a chilling message only to get the opposite reaction.

The unknown lady didn’t hope for an April Fool’s Day prank on her man to end in tears but after doing the prank, she literally lost her man.

The lady buzzed her beau in the morning of April fool’s day via instant messaging app, WhatsApp and told him that she was in love with someone else.

The lady who was expecting her boyfriend to react in a sad way rather got the shock of her life when the gentleman identified as Victor Babatunde accepted his fate.

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Taken aback by his attitude, the lady asked if they were breaking up and he answered affirmatively. His babe then pleaded for him to stay with her even though she’s in love with someone else; a notion Victor deemed as “crap”.

The lady eventually tried to let him out of his misery and told him it was an April Fool’s prank but Victor was not having it and appeared to be no longer interested in the conversation and ignored her.

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He later took to Twitter to share screenshots of their chat but didn’t state if he’s yet to reply to her.

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