Archipalago Gets What He Wanted As Twene Jonas Abuses Him Verbally, Says He’ll Go Through Protocols Before Speaking To Him [Video]

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It looks like internet sensation, Archipalago has been lucky as Twene Jonas has finally replied to his recent video going around that he’s searching for him.

In a recent video that has surfaced on the gram, the popular internet verbally attacked Archipalago for wasting his time to make a video that he’s looking for him.

He said Archipalago is an old fool and monkey for thinking that he can see him in the united states adding that he’s not an ordinary person hence would have to go through protocols before being able to speak to him.

According to him, he did not reply to his constant attacks because he’s irrelevant and the most useless person in the world.

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Archipalago however seems to be happy that Twene Jonas has given him the attention now as for the past days he’s been launching an attack on several people in the name of stagging a trend for himself as he always does.

Palago took to his Instagram page and shared the video with the caption, “y’all heard this villager is insulting me. If I had gone to New York to look for you I would have found you man cos I know NY more than you and no two ways about that!!!…so you start insulting me and when I start dey reply you, you won’t be able to handle the Palago Venom…”

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