Are you crazy: Blakk Rasta slams on Special Prosecutor for requesting GH¢30 million car

Blakk Rasta has descended heavily on the special prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, after finding out he requested a car worth GH¢30 million back in 2021.

Blakk Rasta has raised serious concerns about the request, highlighting how it undermines Agyebeng’s dedication to combating corruption, particularly amid a national crisis.

During his discussion on 3FM, Blakk Rasta went on to criticize Agyebeng for his extravagant spending habits, disregarding the economic hardships experienced by the people of Ghana. In a thought-provoking manner, he even questioned if Agyebeng was crazy.

He said, “This is crazy. Now the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) is doing a good job, as he is going through a lot of frustrations. I must also say that this is an extravagant OSP. Do we all remember how much he wanted as salaries for the people that he was working with? Do we all remember the figure? Today it has come out that it is not only about huge salaries but also about GH¢30 million worth of vehicles that the OSP requested to be able to fight corruption.”

“You do not even know your country. How pathetic this country is. How this nation is stealing from itself. How this nation has no respect for the heritage of the nation. My brother, you’ve been asked to come and fight corruption. We appreciate the work you are doing. You sent in a request for vehicles worth over GH¢30 million, are you crazy? What’s wrong with you? The nation is seriously in crisis.”

Special Prosecutor’s 2021 GH¢30 Million Car Request

Confirmed: Kissi Agyabeng is Ghana's new Special Prosecutor, parliament approves
Kissi Agyabeng, OSP

In September 2021, the Ministry of Finance received an official letter from the OSP, requesting clearance for the purchase of multiple vehicles. Surprisingly, this request came just a month after Kissi Agyebeng took charge as the second occupant of the office.

The letter which was addressed to the Minister of Finance was titled APPLICATION FOR COMMENCEMENT WARRANT. Parts of it read, “The Office of the Special Prosecutor wishes to apply for Commencement Warrant for the purchase of the under-listed vehicles for the office.”

“It lists 4 types of armoured-plated vehicles and 12 types of soft/light-body vehicles. The total amount of the vehicles requested came up to GH¢29,952,000. The total number of armoured cars was six whiles the light-body cars added up to 38. The most expensive of the consignment being the BMW 750 LI which was costed at over 1.6 million cedis with the Toyota Camry being the least priced at GHç330,000.


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