Arnaldo Mangini: Meet the Italia Mr. Bean

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Arnaldo Mangini is better known as an Italian comedian actor and social media personality who has attained prominence as Italian Mr. Bean due to his striking resemblance to the famous Rowan Sebastian Atkinson.

As a comedian, his career started in his teen years after he suffered from depression. This was a result of relocating with his family so he had no friends which made loneliness drives him to depression which he later discovered the power of laughter.

Arnaldo Mangini
Arnaldo Mangini

Arnaldo Mangini biography

Arnaldo Mangini was born on December 4th, 1973 in Rome, Italy, and as of 2022 he is 49 years old and currently lives in Milan, Italy.

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He holds Italian nationality and his ethnicity is White. The comedian believes in Christianity and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Despite being born in Rome, Italy, the comedian spent most of his childhood in Zwolle, Netherlands however he doesn’t like sharing his personal and family life as he likes to keep it private however it’s known he has a sister called Teresa Mangini.

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At the age of 11, his family moved back to Stiava in Italy where she showed an interest in comedy in his early life so he decided to attend an artistic secondary school where he had his tertiary education at the Academy di Belle Arti di Carrara in Tuscany, Italy.

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How did Arnaldo Mangini become famous?

Arnaldo Mangini became famous on social media due to his sticking resemblance to Mr. Bean. Most people ask if Arnaldo Mangini is related to Mr. Bean but the answer is no as the real Mr. Bean, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson is British.

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Before the comedian went viral, he was a traveling stand-up comedian and professional clown which his career started in 1996 in Zelig Milan after an audition led him to multiple TV broadcasts where he had The Arnaldo Mangini and he used to imitate Mr. Bean as a traveling comic.

In 2020, Arnaldo Mangini became very active on social media and became an Instagram viral sensation because of his resemblance to Mr. Bean and now he has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 28 million on TikTok. He is also an author called The Power I the Smile in April 2022.

Arnaldo Mangini daughter

Arnaldo Mangini is known to have a daughter identified as Fabiola Baglieri who also happens to be an actor, YouTuber, comedian, and TikTok star. She often creates content with her father together.

She is mostly assumed to be the daughter of Mr. Bean and is best known for her dramatic makeup transformations. There’s no information about Arnaldo Mangini’s mother as he keep the family private but she also has a little brother.

Arnaldo Mangini net worth

The Italian comedian is alleged to have an estimated net worth of $1 million however the information is not verified because the report is unverified.


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