Arnold Asamoah Baidoo sends cold words to Shatta Wale following his failed publicity stunt

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Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has chastised embattled Shatta Wale for pulling a publicity stunt that has ended on a very sorry note for the artiste.

According to Arnold, Shatta Wale failed to weigh the veracity of the stunt he wanted to pull about a gunshot attack on his life. He maintained that the artiste shouldn’t have tried and crossed the boundaries of criminal matters in his bid to pull a stunt.

Shatta Wale and his two accomplices, Nana Dope and Gangee, were arrested on Tuesday after the widely publicized stunt that he was shot and rushed to the hospital. All turned out to be a hoax.

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Speaking on Starr FM, Arnold Asamoah Baidooo said Shatta Wale missed the plot in his stunts especially when he was known to be surrounded by knowledgeable people who know how to capitalize on social media clout to push their agenda.

“When you are pulling a stunt, there are two things you must not do. One, the stunt must not affect the sensibilities of the consumers because at the end of the day then what’s the point? Because you are doing the stunt to fixate our attention on that product, and so it affects our sensibilities we will not buy it.

“Two, it must not be criminal. So for Shatta Wale he missed the plot in pulling that stunt by offending the sensibilities of the consumers and two making it a criminally related matter.

“And for me, I thought he lost the plot. This is not how you pull a stunt. You pull a stunt to generate conversation like he has been doing over the years; to actually put some attention on whatever project he wants to push. So for me, I think he missed the plot this time”.

“That is quite disappointing. Again it is more disappointing when you consider the people around him. I mean he has a PR expert in Chris Koney, he has an astute manager in the name of Bulldog, and he has people who you perceive to be very smart. So for him to actually miss the plot when it comes to PR stunts- and he has been good at it,” is shocking.

“I mean go through all the things he has done over the period in generating conversations, generating talkability, he has done it. So one, it is very disappointing that it came from him. Two, disappointing because the people around him could not advise him that listen “guy” this one you are going beyond (limits) and you might get yourself entangled in some law-related matter. I mean it’s very disappointing and shocking”


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