“Arole Can’t Say He Is A Virgin”; Morayo Brown Says, In Response To The Comedian’s Claim That Sex Before Marriage Is A Sin

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Nigerian Talk Show hostess Morayo Brown has stated that Wole Arole cannot claim to be a virgin in the wake of his comments about sex before marriage being a sin.

In an earlier tweet, Arole claimed that sex before marriage is a sin.

According to Morayo Brown, we lie daily but God forgives us and that we should not use sex before marriage to judge people.

She opined that if two adults decide to have sex before marriage, it is completely their choice and the conversation they have with their maker.

On her part, she made the decision not to have sex with her husband before they got married and that was their decision and so if anyone is not able to wait and decide to go ahead and have sex before they marry, it should not provide an avenue for them to be judged.

She reckoned that many have waited and their marriages didn’t work out any better.

“We lie daily, yet God forgives us. Let’s not use, “having sex before marriage” as the reference for judging people.

If two adults decide to have sex before marriage, it’s completely their choice and a conversation they have with their maker.

Let’s stop judging that situation. @officialarole cannot tell me he is a virgin, abi is he?,” she wrote on Instagram.

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