Arrest Of Omah Lay In Uganda: Nigerian Woman believes The State Of Uganda Is Discriminatory Against Nigerians

A Nigerian woman known as Fareeda is of the belief that the state of Uganda is so discriminatory against her countrymen.

Omah Lay got arrested in Uganda
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This comes on the back of the arrest of Nigerian musician Omah Lay on charges of breach of COVID-19 protocols in the country.

She said this as she narrated her ordeal as she says she was denied a work permit and had her passport kept by officials for 7 months.

“I lived in Uganda for a year. The state is very discriminatory towards Nigerians no be today. After denying me a work visa(first time they ever did for the organization I worked for, my predecessors were American/Canadian), they kept my passport for 7 months because of appeal”, she wrote.

“I needed to travel for some things and they said my choices were to cancel my appeal and exit the country for good, or find another Nigerian to submit their passport for insurance. They also asked for 800,000 UGX bribe. I refused and my “lawyer” called me a bitch and cunt,” she continued.

According to Fareeda, this ordeal made her quit her job.

“Got so depressed I quit my job(2-year contract turned to 1). Cancelled the appeal and they carried me in an immigration vehicle and escorted me all the way to passport control before they handed my passport to me. It looked like I was being deported even though I wasn’t. I cried. So yeah. Uganda is terrible to us. I have more east African terrible treatment stories but Uganda definitely took the cake,” she concluded.

See screenshots of her tweets below;

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