Asamoah Gyan Only Married His Wife Gifty Because It Was His Late Mother’s Wish–Reader Exposes SECRETS!

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When any scandal drops, trust sources to feed the media with shocking details and gist and the latest we’ve heard is some shocking statements from a reader of a blog who seems to have enough details as to what’s going on in this whole Asamoah Gyan and Gifty brouhaha.

In an email the said person who wants to remain anonymous sent to the blog,, the person disclosed that Asamoah Gyan has been cheating on his wife Gifty and even has another child with a certain woman in Italy, which he’s kept a secret.

We won’t be surprised if it turns out to be true, considering the fact that, he landed up in the bedroom of one Sarah Kwablah who was just about 18 or 19 and bonked her left, right, center the very first day he met her (Such a horny fellow huh?).—Yes, if you don’t remember that drama, Google things because he confirmed that, it happened and that even ended up in court as he dragged the girl and three others including to court for extortion.

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Now recall, we revealed to you in our earlier story that Gyan met Gifty in 2002 when he was a nobody and she was about 17 back then and they started dating officially in 2003 and he was playing for Liberty Professionals back then and they had their first child in 2006.

In this email sent to the blog, the person revealed that Asamoah Gyan only married his wife Gifty Gyan only because it was his late mother’s dying wish as he had huge respect for the mom.

Part of the story published on the site reads:

As most people know, Gifty has been with Asamoah Gyan for years, way before he became popular and she has been through a lot aside from the cheating scandals that were exposed in the media.  Between Baffour, his wife Naana, and their sister in London, Gifty was never liked.  Not sure what Naana’s reasons were but their sister started out being supportive until it got to a point where Gifty got tired of giving her money. 

The email then continues:

Gyan never wanted to marry Gifty, it was as if he kept her around because they have kids together, some kind of control thing if you ask me. It wasn’t until his mom passed that he married her and this was only because that was his dead mother’s wish.  He started taking care of her after she became his wife and that increased the jealousy and envy against her by the people mentioned above.  At the time Gifty and Gyan were dating when he was playing in Italy, he had another girlfriend in Italy with whom he has a child. His marriage to Gifty was made a secret because of this Italian girl.

Anyway, fast forward to this year.  The Italian lady had heard that Gyan bought a house for Gifty in London and was about to transfer her a huge amount of money which of course didn’t sit well with her because Gyan is refusing to care for her and her son as well, because he doesn’t think that’s his child.  Yes, he’s planning for a DNA test for that too.  It is no secret to some of us that this baby mama has been planning to “destroy” Gifty for a while now.  She was advised against it but of course that fell on deaf ears because she thought after Gyan left Gifty he’ll come to her since they have a kid together.

The remaining part of the email talks about how his wife was tricked to come from the UK to Ghana, and remember we shared with you how his brother seized her passport to prevent her from traveling.

You might want to read the full reader’s mail story published by GC here.

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