Ashanti Cultural Display At The Funeral of An Anlo

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The  Final funeral rites of the late President,was culminated with a 4 day ceremony was held that witnessed the display of Asante Culture surprsingly in under the funeral of a Voltarian .

The former President is a native of Anlo in the Volta Region.

Apart from the drumming with some dancers who danced “adowa” to the admiration of the mourners , an envoy of the Asantehene also paid a courtesy call on the family of the late Mr.Rawlings at the venues which has aparked a debate on social media.

Did you spot the  presence of a half-naked man with a cockeral tied around his body  at the grounds?

And have u cared to know what that meant?

Well ,In Ashanti Culture, when a Prominent person dies, this is Commonly seen. A cock is an important animal. Its cry wakes us up in the morning.

Despite its importance and majesty , it’s powerless in the jaw of death.

The Cock signifies man, and the man signifies death. This is to remind us that we are just mere mortals.No matter our importance, Power, and significance in society we cannot escape death.

This reminds us of an Akan saying” man was born to seek glory of his name, not a long life.”


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