Ask Sam George if he has side boy- Sister Derby causes trouble online

Sister Derby
Sister Derby

Sister Derby has responded to the accusations made by the MP of Ningo Prampram, Sam George, refuting any involvement in an extramarital relationship.

In an interview with Bola Ray on the StarrChat show, Sam George confidently dared any woman to provide evidence of being his mistress.

Sam George asserted that his wife possesses all the qualities of both a wife and a mistress, which satisfies him and eliminates any desire to pursue another woman.

“My life is work, house and church. If you know any girl anywhere, I am dating, just call her to the show, I am waiting. I am throwing a challenge out there. Anybody should bring evidence. You won’t ever see me sitting at a spot alone or with some random girl. If you see me anywhere, especially at +233, my wife is always sitting by me,” he said

Sam George’s comments have sparked a wave of reactions online with numerous online users voicing their skepticism.

Sister Derby, who has a longstanding feud with him, also chimed in on the conversation by leaving a comment on one of the blog posts. She offered the interviewer some advice, suggesting that he broaden the scope of his next interview by shifting away from the topic of ‘side chicks’ and instead exploring the concept of ‘side boys’.

She wrote, “Next time ask him same question about side boy. His answer might be different.”

Sister Derby And Sam George Feud

Sam George and Sister Derby’s feud began in 2021 during heated discussions about the LGBT bill’s approval.

Sam George, who is well-known for his steadfast backing of the passage of an anti-LGBTQ bill in Parliament, came under heavy fire from Sister Derby, a representative of the LGBTQ community in Ghana.

This sparked a contentious debate on social media, as many progressive Ghanaians claimed that the bill violates human rights in its entirety.

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