Asta Jonasson Husband: Is She Married?

Asta Jonasson Husband

Many people have expressed their interest in knowing if the assistant of actor Diesel, Asta Jonasson is married or not.

Asta Jonasson is well known as the former assistant to American actor and film producer Vin Diesel. She is currently making headlines for her revolutionary accusation against her former boss.

Asta recently sued Diesel, alleging that the star groped her and forcibly kissed her in a hotel room in 2010. The complaint was filed on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

According to Asta, Diesel grabbed her, caressed her breasts, and kissed her as she constantly yelled no. The event occurred in an Atlanta hotel room while the fifth Fast & Furious film was being shot.

Asta also stated in her Los Angeles lawsuit that the sexual battery occurred less than two weeks after she was hired to work for Diesel. Asta escaped and requested Diesel to go as he tried to seize her wrists and bring her into the bed.

According to the lawsuit, Diesel then allegedly began groping her breasts, kissing her chest, and running his hands up her waist and upper legs. Asta shouted and ran into a hallway as soon as Diesel went to pull down her pants, despite her fear of physically refusing her superior for her personal safety and job security.

Asta Jonasson Wiki

Asta Jonasson was born in the American city of Los Angeles. Her true age and date of birth are unknown. However, according to her recent complaint against Vin Diesel, she was over the age of 18 at the time of the claimed attack in 2010.

Asta tries to avoid the spotlight, hence there is no knowledge about her parents’ name or whereabouts. She is of Caucasian ancestry and American nationality.

Asta graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Criminology. She also attended the New York Film Academy, where she studied screenwriting.

Recently, she has made headlines by taking legal action against the renowned ‘Fast & Furious’ star, Vin Diesel, accusing him of sexual battery.

Asta’s journey into the entertainment industry led her to work with Diesel’s company, One Race Productions, in 2010. However, her experience took a distressing turn when she claimed that Diesel groped her breasts and kissed her chest. It’s crucial to note that Vin Diesel vehemently denies these allegations.

The shocking revelations have left many fans bewildered, especially considering Diesel’s long-standing reputation as a gentleman within the acting industry.

Asta Jonasson’s Career 

After graduating from the New York Film Academy, Jonasson took her talents to the heart of the entertainment industry, relocating to Los Angeles, California. She began her career with Overbrook Entertainment, and in 2010, she took a huge stride forward by joining Vin Diesel’s One Race Productions (ORP).

However, Jonasson claims that during her time at ORP, she was subjected to a terrible incidence of sexual assault by Vin Diesel. Undaunted by the difficulties, she eventually found a new professional home at Adult Swim, where she spent several years honing her skills. In January 2012, she began a new chapter in her career by joining the prestigious Walt Disney Company.

Over the next decade, Jonasson moved through numerous roles at Disney, rising from Executive Assistant to Director of Development. In an unexpected turn of events, she will leave Disney in June 2022 to pursue freelancing. She was thriving as a freelancer as of June 2022, contributing her knowledge and creativity to a variety of tasks.

Is Asta Jonasson married?

Asta Jonasson has maintained a private stance on her relationship status. Currently, there is no information available regarding whether she is dating or single. Updates on her love life will be provided as soon as any relevant information becomes available.

Allegations Against Vin Diesel

In a legal twist, Asta Jonasson has made frightening charges against Vin Diesel resulting from an incident in September 2010 at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta.

Jonasson claims she was asked to remain in Diesel’s suite while he entertained visitors, even though her job entailed guarding Diesel from unwanted photography during events.

What followed was a disturbing tale of assault, according to the lawsuit. Diesel allegedly grabbed Jonasson’s wrists, dragged her into the bed, and tried inappropriate behavior after the visitors departed. Despite Jonasson’s successful escape to the corridor, Diesel pursued her and continued the assault.

According to the lawsuit, Diesel escalated the situation by tugging up her dress, detaining her, and attempting to remove her knickers. In a panic, Jonasson yelled and ran to the toilet, accidentally knocking Diesel to the floor.

The lawsuit claims that after this disturbing occurrence, Samantha Vincent, Diesel’s sister and president of One Race, fired Jonasson citing redundancy. According to the legal action, Jonasson’s dismissal was a result of her resistance to Diesel’s assault, to protect the actor and cover up the occurrence.

Jonasson, who was previously bound by a nondisclosure agreement, owes her decision to sue to recent legislative changes that limit the enforcement of such contracts in some circumstances. A California law that extended the statute of limitations for sexual misconduct accusations to 2026 also influenced her quest for justice.

This legal action comes amid a flurry of similar claims in the entertainment business, fueled by legislation such as New York’s Adult Survivor’s Act. Jonasson’s accusations include sexual battery, gender discrimination, a hostile work environment, and retribution.

In her pursuit of justice, seeking unspecified damages for humiliation, emotional distress, and mental and physical pain, Jonasson’s lawsuit sheds light on a disturbing aspect of the Hollywood landscape.


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