Astro (South Korean Band) Members: Profile, Disband, Leader & Info

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Astro (South Korean Band) is a well-known South Korean boy band that was formed by Fantagio that debuted in 2016.

Astro (South Korean Band) made their debut with the single Hide & Seek on EP Spring Up. This was in 2016.


Astro (South Korean Band)
Astro (South Korean Band)

Astro (South Korean Band) Members

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Astro (South Korean Band) has 6 members who are all boys. The members are MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Yoon San-ha. Each member has a specific role to play in the group.

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Astro (South Korean Band) Profile

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Astro (South Korean Band) was formed in 2016 by Fantagio. The group made its appearance in 2016. The group is made up of six members.

Astro (South Korean Band) Disband: Is ASTRO A disband?

Astro (South Korean Band) is not disbanded and has never been disbanded. The group has been active since 2016. We don’t expect the group to be disbanded or any member to leave.

Astro (South Korean Band) is still together. The group has been together since 2016. They are not split.

Is ASTRO popular in Korea?

ASTRO is becoming popular in Korea for some years now. They continue to grow and are liked by many people.

Astro (South Korean Band) Leader

Jinjin is the leader of the Astro (South Korean Band). He is a singer and songwriter.

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Astro (South Korean Band) songs

  • Candy Sugar Pop
  • Blue Flame
  • After Midnight
  • Crazy Sexy Cool
  • Baby
  • All Night
  • Call Out
  • Like stars
  • When You Call My Name


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