Attention-Seeking Men Have Brain Disorder – Counselor Lutterodt

It is not in the nature of men to seek attention due to how they were created, thus, any man involved in any acts to court attention has psychological issues, marriage counsellor George Lutterodt has said.


Counselor Lutterodt, who was participating in a radio discussion on romance in relationships on the Executive Breakfast Show on Class91.3FM, told host Moro Awudu on Class 91.3FM: “Any man you see seeking attention has a brain disorder.”


According to him, women were created “from the rib full of emotions, so when people want to express themselves depending on where they are coming from, there are some choice of words that will come out to explain their feelings”.


He said romance involves expressing one’s feelings in a practical form, so “because women have the emotional bank and love is the business of the man, no woman can love”.


He was of the view that “when women want you to show them what you have, they call it romance”. For him, African men respect women and most of the things women seek are things imported from the Western world.


“We are copying blindly because we are importing everything, except toilet roll, and that is our problem. The African man was not raised to know how to do it. It is not part of our DNA and you put a lot of pressure on us to become criminals by pretending to be what is not,” he said.


He revealed that in modern times, some Ghanaian women go to the extent of demanding that their suitors display their marriage proposals on billboards. “This is insane behaviour. If you have a girlfriend who is demanding such a thing from you, break up with her before she causes you to be a mad boy,” he admonished.


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