Audio Of Nana Romeo Asking A Lady To Come Home So ‘They Do Things’ After She Asked Him For A Loan Leaks After Wendy Shay Saga

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An audio recording of Accra Fm host, Nana Romeo asking a lady to come home so they have some sex has been leaked online.

In the audio, Nana Romeo who was chatting with the young lady on Facebook who was asking him to loan her some money demanded that she comes home if she wants the money because he can’t just loan her the money.

From what we observed after listening to the audio, it seems the lady in question has been friends with Romeo for some time now and Romeo has perhaps been trying all he can to date her or chop but had failed each time, so when the lady came asking for a loan, he decided to use that opportunity to bait the lady by asking her to come home.

He’s heard also telling the lady that, its not just going to be one of those one night stands, but then hoping that they can start some sort of relationship because he’s expressed his interest in her several times.

This audio leak which is supposed to be private had been leaked at a time when he’s being bashed for embarrassing Wendy Shay during a radio interview he had with her, daring her to admit that she’s dating her manager, Bullet and that he has serious evidence to back his claim.

Earlier on shared a story of another lady known as Fabregas asserting that, Romeo had wanted to chop her.

Listen to that audio below:

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