Auto Dealer Gives Bobrisky 7days To Pay Off Her ‘surprise’ Range Rover

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Bobrisky has been jumping from one mess to another since her birthday on 31st August, despite the fact that she still comes out strong and has posted on her snapchat that nothing can break her.

After spending N19mil and inviting several popular people, Bob’s party had to be stopped a few hours to the event.

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After the party was canceled, Bob posted a video on snapchat saying her ‘bae’ had surprised her with a Range Rover Velar and she wanted all her friends to see her unveil it at the party but it turns out there is another story.

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This is a press statement by the auto dealer, Mr Jay Auto and Parts.

Did Bob lie to us??

After the press statement by Mr Jay Auto and Parts, it turns out Bob bought the car on her own and asked for it to be brought to her party venue, but the dealer hesitated because Bob had not made final payments.

Bob thinks the dealer is a hater, the dealer is also tired of Bob’s ‘fake’ rants and needs the final payment. Run them their cheque, Osheyy

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