“Avoid Women Who Have Poor Relationships With Their Fathers When Looking For A Wife”-Man advises

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Some women do not have any good relationships with their fathers. It is something that has existed for a while now.

According to a man identified on Twitter as Faceless Man, women who do not have good relationships with their fathers must be avoided when a man is looking for a wife.

According to him, it is a red flag and one must always endeavour to find that out before going ahead to do anything.

According to Faceless man, depending on how a lady was brought up, she could be set up for some deficiency as far as a long term romantic relationship is concerned and the last thing a man would countenance is a relationship where their partners are overly laid back as far as romance is concerned.

So, as part of the things that a man must look out for in a woman they want to marry, they also have to check to see if the woman they want to marry has good relationships with her father.

“Women with poor relationship with their fathers are a massive red flag, when eyeing up a woman for a prospective long term romance, Find out what her relationship with her father is like as she may be set up to be a poor romantic prospect due to how she was or wasn’t raised,” he wrote.

It goes without saying that the way a woman treats their father is capable of being replicated in their marriage where they will treat their husbands the same way.

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