Ayisha Modi Retruns To Social Media Months After Leaving – Says She’s Back For Good And Forever

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Ayisha Modi has returned to social media after being off for months over her mental health saying she’s back for good and forever as she has retrieved her hacked account and is mentally fit right now.

Ayisha Modi left social media after slipping into depression and losing her pregnancy then got her account hacked and all that explains her silence from social media but now she’s back for good and forevermore to stay.

According to her, after months of going off this platform, she feels great to retrieve her hacked account and be back once again thanking all those who were there for her for their love, care, and massive support.

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Ayisha Modi being back to social media for good means we’re going to see her more now and we know how she can be and her generous heart and we are happy to see her be on her feet strong again.

Screenshot below;

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