Baby who was flogged mercilessly by his father loses hand

A woman has narrated the heartbreaking tale of how a baby was beaten so badly by his father that his limb had to be amputated.

She claimed that while taking a bath, she heard her infant crying. When she went outside, she discovered the man beating the infant with a hanger.

The lady said her husband warned never to divulge his evil act to anyone after the ordeal. Sharing the sad story, she stated:

It really happened in a Friday night. I left him to go and ease myself and he was crying he was crying on top of his voice.

I came out and saw the guy flogging the baby with hanger. When he finished flogging the baby he then had to tie his hand round and now said it’s just a little wound.

That the wound is going to heal fast and the bone will join together and he threatened me not to tell anybody.

When he went out I have to inform the neighbor, I told the neighbor see what really happened, and the neighbor gave me money”, she narrated.

Evidently, it was with this money that she took the baby to the Federal Medical Center. Upon examination, doctors found out his hand was already rotten and had no blood flow hence their decision to amputate.



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