Ban Telenovelas From TV Stations – Martha Ankomah To Gov’t

A popular Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah has urged the government to implement policies and measures that will ban foreign telenovelas on the various television stations. She is therefore calling for the telecast of locally produced movies to boost sales in the entertainment industry.


According to the veteran actress, there should be structures put in place that will encourage more of the local series to be shown against the foreign ones which are not even deep rooted in the Ghanaian culture and moral values.


“Telenovelas are speaking Twi, so why would people watch our content whiles they are speaking Twi. That is why I think the foreign has taken over. I think the government should put up a policy that will prevent the media houses from showing the foreign content” Martha Ankomah told Accra based 3FM on Friday.


She added, the reason some people in the public domain find it difficult to be interested in the local movies is due to the fact that, it is less patronized, hence she believes frequent telecast of the local productions will boost the interest of the audience just like that of the television soap operas.


Martha Ankomah argued that, if foreign telenovelas are speaking the local dialect and still gain more fans then she doesn’t know why our industry is suffering to capture the interest of the public towards their true films and culture.


“I think some of us are doing good movies. There should be structures in the industry to show more of the local series. The foreign series are too much. The local content should be shown more to make people interested. If the government can bring in a law to stop the TV stations…,”


When asked if she is aware that some of the local movies are not produced to the required standard of video editing and quality deeming to grasp the attention of the audiences, Martha responded positively, but still stressed that, it is lack of funds and sponsors that causes such technical challenges.


“Some of us do good stuffs. Others do the wrong. That’s true. Producing a quality movie takes a lot of money. We don’t have investors. We finish movies sometimes before we set off for sponsorships. We have good script writers but it all boils down to money”.






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