Banky W Makes Shocking Revelation About Nigerian Artistes and Hard Drugs

Nigerian singer Banky W has dropped a subtle hint as to the number of Nigerian singers who are into hard drugs. Entertainers all over the world are hooked on illegal substances like weed and cocaine. Reasons for taking hard drugs vary from artiste to artiste but one common factor is that it boosts their confidence.

There is no data to measure the number of artistes involved in hard drugs so putting all of them in a bracket becomes unfair to those who are not involved in the practice.

The handsome R&B singer and rapper was reacting to the banning of weed and other hard drugs and said about 75 percent of the music business had been shut down with the move.

The notice reads:

“Please be advised smoking WEED or taking of any HARD DRUGS in the rooms are highly prohibited with consequences such as automatic checkout for being handed over to law enforcement agency.”

 Banky W reacted thus:

“Lol now this means 75% of music business can’t stay here.”


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