Banshee Moon; Bio, Education, Marriage, YouTube Career

Jennifer Saucier, popularly known as Banshee Moon was born in the United States of America on 20th July, 1966 under the pseudonym, Farm Girl Jen. She is a famous YouTuber who has gained a lot of fame and recognition on the platform with the name Banshee Moon.

On her channel, she posts documented videos along with her husband called Exoman. The YouTuber has not yet shared anything about her parents, siblings or any other family member.


Banshee Moon Education

Just after Banshee Moon had completed her high school education, she was enrolled at Tulane University where she picked up a degree in business in the 1980s. The university is situated in New Orleans, United States of America and it was originally a medical college before being turned into a comprehensive university.


Banshee Moon Relationship

The famous YouTuber, Banshee Moon is a married woman. She has been married since 1988. The YouTuber is happily married to Jayson otherwise called Exoman in most of her videos. In course of their marriage, the couple has been blessed with two beautiful children whose names are currently on hold.

Jennifer Saucier has managed to have a life of her own as a farm girl. In most cases, she is seen going to resorts, travelling boating and taking of her pets. As lovely as most families, Farm Girl Jen occasionally uploads pictures of herself and her family on her social media platforms.


Banshee Moon YouTube Career

Banshee Moon
Banshee Moon

Jennifer Saucier developed a passion to create video content through YouTube. Her YouTube channel was created in the year 2008 when YouTube was reigning upon its arrival. After successfully creating the account, she went on to upload a lot of videos about cooking, cosmetics, and animal sales on her farm among many others.

After some time, she realised most of her contents were catching greater attention than she ever imagined especially ones that captured her doing farm action. Thenceforth, she started to make more of those videos.

Those kinds of videos helped her to grow her channel to this level. Her videos went on to record millions of views and subscribers. Presently, her channel has a record of more than 703,000 subscribers and over 306million views across all her videos.


Banshee Moon Net Worth

Banshee Moon
YouTuber, Banshee Moon

The YouTuber has an estimated net worth of about $600,000. She has earned a lot of money from her successful online career. Her career on YouTube has helped her get a lot of Jon opportunities elsewhere including partnerships, collaborations ls and sponsorships from different directions.

Who are Exoman and Farmgirl?

Exoman, also known as Jayson and Farm Girl Jen are two happily married couples who have two children together. They also run a YouTube channel where they post videos.

How Old Is Farm Girl Jen?

The famous YouTuber is 56 years of age as of 2022. She was born on 20tu July, 1966.

Summary Profile

Name: Jennifer Saucier

Also Known As: Banshee Moon, Farm Girl Jen

Date of Birth: 20th July, 1966

Age: 56 years of age as of 2022

Place of Birth: United States of America

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Career: YouTuber

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Jayson

Children: 2

Education: Tulane University


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