Barbi Benton Age: How Old Is She?

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Being a model, songwriter, actor, singer, or television personality can make you very famous. Barbi is a woman who has accomplished everything. Her fame is obvious, but do you know what Barbi Benton age is? How old is she?

When people become as popular as Barbi has become, everything about them matters a lot, which is why a lot of her fans want to know how old she is now.

People normally ask about the age of their stars for several reasons. Perhaps, the popular reason is that they want to know just how many more years they have to entertain them as they will not do that forever.

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Well, in this article, we will get to know Barbi Benton age.

Starting out as a model at a very young age, she is no longer the young lady that she was decades ago as age has quite caught up with her.

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In addition to getting to know her age, you will also get to know who she is and why she has become so popular.

Barbi Benton Age: Biography

Barbi Benton Net Worth

Barbi Benton is a retired American model, singer, actor, and television personality.

She gained notoriety for her appearances in Playboy magazine, four seasons as a regular on the comedy series Hee Haw, and a number of passably well-received records she released in the 1970s.

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Benton was born Barbara Lynn Klein to a Jewish household in New York City. Her mother was an investment advisor, while her father was a gynecologist.

She was raised in Sacramento, went to Rio Americano High School, took piano and scuba diving classes, and even engaged in some “tearoom modeling” while she was a student.

She enrolled at UCLA with the intention of becoming a veterinarian, but she had to abandon that goal since she could not bear the sight of blood.

She started modeling at sixteen, but what is Barbi Benton age today?

we will soon find out, but how has she become so popular?

Through her career, right? You are right! She became popular on the back of her success as an entertainer.

So let’s take a look at her career details before we zoom in on her age.

Career Details

Barbi Benton Net Worth

She started modeling when she was sixteen. She attended UCLA after high school before signing up with Playboy at the age of 18 to perform on their entertainment program Playboy After Dark.

She began as an extra on the program, but her position was swiftly raised to co-host after host Hugh Hefner fell in love with Benton.

Hefner asked the young co-ed out on a date after they had completed two episodes.

Benton enjoyed some degree of success in the music industry.

On Billboard’s country singles list, her 1975 song “Brass Buckles” peaked at number five.

Benton has eight albums to her credit, the most recent of which she also personally produced in 1979.

She played the piano, sang, and wrote songs as well.

She is most known for the song “Ain’t That Just the Way,” among others.

It was sung by Dutch singer Patricia Paay in 1977 under the name Poor Jeremy, and it became a number one success in Sweden for 5 weeks.

Lutricia McNeal also had a big hit with it in 1996.

All of these look like a long time ago now. What is Barbi Benton age today?

Barbi Benton Age

Barbi Benton age

In New York City, U.S., she was born on January 28, 1950. Her birth name was Barbara Lynn Klein. Today, Barbi Benton age is 72 years.

It’s been more than seven decades of impact in the entertainment industry.

On October 14, 1979, Benton wed the developer of real estate George Gradow.

They have two children: Alexander and Ariana.

Alexander was born on August 23, 1986, while Ariana was born on August 24, 1986.


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