Barbi Benton Husband: Know Who She Married

Barbi Benton Husband

Who is Barbi Benton husband? She is one of the best American entertainers. She is widely known and very famous for having begun her modeling career when she was very young. You know all that about her but do you know who she married?

In this article, we shall discuss the husband of the famous American actress.

We will not just let you know who Barbi Benton husband is, but we will also let you know who she is and why she has become so popular.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and when you find the perfect person, your life becomes a bit more comfortable. But quite a few celebrities have had to deal with marriage problems with a number of them ending up getting divorced, so what is Barbi’s marital status now?

We shall find out in this article.

Barbi Benton Husband: Biography of Barbi

Barbi Benton Net Worth

Soon, we will take a look at who she married and what her marital status is now but in this section, let’s take a look at who Barbi Benton is.

Who is Barbi Benton?

On January 28, 1950, Benton was born in New York City to a Jewish family.

Her mother was an investment advisor, while her father was a gynecologist.

Benton was only two years old when his family moved to Sacramento.

She started taking a range of classes there, like piano and scuba diving training.

Benton dabbled in modeling while he was a Rio Americano High School student.

After high school, she applied to the University of California – Los Angeles with the intention of studying veterinary medicine.

Barbi would go on to become a model, writer, actress, singer, and television personality, after abandoning her earlier desire to become a health worker.

So who is Barbi Benton husband?

Barbi Benton Husband

Barbi Benton Husband

George Gradow, a real estate developer from the United States of America, is the beautiful actress Barbi Benton husband.

What do you know about her husband?

She is a married woman, but when did she marry her husband, and have they got any children since they got married?

Let’s find out.

On October 14, 1979, George Gradow, a real estate developer, and Benton were married.

Alexander, born on August 23, 1986, and Ariana, born on July 13, 1988, are their only children.

Both their Aspen and Los Angeles residences are where they spend time.

So what do we know about Barbi Benton husband?

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George Gradow

George Gradow is an American who was born and reared here as well. He is believed to have been born in 1941.

Not much is known about his background.

Additionally, little is known about his academic background.

George Gradow maintains a private personal life for the most part.

However, he is well-known for being a prominent American real estate developer who owns a number of properties across the nation.

He has storage facilities and mobile homes among his real estate holdings.

Around 40 years ago, George Gradow became well-known after he wed Barbi Benton, a legendary American star.

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