Bawku conflict: Death toll now 18, dozens flee for safety

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People are leaving the violent Bawku hamlet after repeated tribal disputes killed 18 people and destroyed property in two weeks.

Unknown gunmen attacked Bawku, prompting the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) to seek for extra security reinforcements.

Hamza Amadu, Bawku’s mayor, claimed MUSEC would defend lives and property.

“18 deaths thus far. The murders have caused terror. We know folks are leaving town. We want to reassure residents that we’re not slacking. We’re protecting lives and property”

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The National Peace Council has asked the two warring Bawku clans to restore longtime peace.

It urged the Kusasis to rethink their decision to resign from the Inter-Ethnic Peace Committee (BIEPC) in the aftermath of the Mamprusi-Kusasi dispute.

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The Kusasis left the group because their attempts to resolve the Bawku issue failed. The group was tasked with fostering a positive discussion among Bawku’s residents.



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