BBMzansi 2022: Naledi Mogadime Biography, Net Worth, Age, Work, Hometown

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Nale is one of the fan favorites of Big Brother Mzansi who has captured the attention of viewers and she’s having a whole vibe and yes viewers are attracted to her because of her beauty.

Summary Profile

Full name: Naledi Mogadime

Occupation: Model, Actress

Hometown: Pretoria

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Age: 24

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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Net Worth: Unknown

Who is BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime

Naledi Mogadime is popularly known as Nale is 24 years old from Pretoria in South Africa and she is much aware of her beauty hence describes herself as “fine gyal, not a sad gyal”

She is a model who has a couple of side hustles however it’s unknown and has traveled to many places across the world.

Nale has a calm and zen character but a firecracker and according to her, she has the attitude of analyzing and understanding people to disarm them.

How Old Is Naledi Mogadime

Nale, the Pretoria born lady is just 24 years old.

Naledi Mogadime Net Worth

Naledi Mogadime mostly identified as Nale is a model who doubles as an actress. Her estimated net worth is unknown but her social media activities show that she’s living a comfortable life as she likes to travel across the world.

Others Facts About Naledi Mogadime

In her introduction video, she noted that she grows on people as she doesn’t appear to be a favorite of people at a first sight.

Naledi Mogadime likes painting, daydreaming and is also a flirt but might end up not being any intentions of getting down with anyone.

She is trustworthy and loves to laugh however it takes a while to open up on issues to people and also brings people together.

Social Media

The model is not on any other social media platform aside Instagram under the username @naledimogadime

Naledi Mogadime Photos

BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
BBMzansi Naledi Mogadime
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