BBNaija’s Erica To Stop Using Social Media Because Of Constant Trolls

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Everything in this era thrives on social media; Businesses, careers and many more if you know how to go about things on the platform, but one thing that is bedevilling it is trolls, where anybody, regardless of your status in the society can get insulted for free.

The group of people who get trolled the more on social media are celebrities, politicians and to some extent, religious leaders.

One celebrity who is apparently fed up with the trolls on social media and has threatened to quit using the platform is former BBNaija housemate Erica who made known in a tweet that she is being compelled by the trolls to leave the platform.

This comes days after another former housemate, Nengi complained about the trolls, saying that celebrities are humans and also get pained by the insults they get on social media.

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It must be emphasized that it is this same platform that made these people popular so if Erica leaves as she is saying, who is going to hear about her again?

All these things began when a fan of Erica’s got incensed by some of the things people have been saying to Erica and then stated her willingness to fight for her.

“Nobody should drag my Erica! I will fight o,” the fan stated.

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Erica then responded to the fan’s tweet to enquire about what they are saying about her this time.

“What are they dragging me for this time?” Erica asked the fan.

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Erica then proceeded to say that she will be forced to leave social media for these trolls because she is getting tired by all these insults.

“I think it’s time to leave social media for you guys,” she wrote.


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