Be Careful You Don’t Date Any Man As F00Lish As A Plus – Abena Korkor Advises Delay

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Abena Korkor, an advocate for mental health, has once again poked fun at Kwame A Plus, a politician and singer, in her most recent video.

After posting a picture of her grandfather on Instagram a few days ago, Abena Korkor quickly became the topic of conversation everywhere.

Many people on the internet vented their anger, and many of them called for Abena to be locked up.

She recently revealed in a video that she has suffered from a shattered heart as a result of her lover breaking up with her.

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According to her, she poured a significant amount of love and effort into the relationship; nevertheless, in the end, the man ended it with her. Abena

She said that she has not yet come across a guy who is OK with the idea of her flaunting her “assets” online. Everyone she dates has a problem with the fact that she posts images of her godchildren online.

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As a consequence of this, she came to the realization that the only two options available to her at the moment were to either date a white guy or to stay single.

The advocate for mental health went on to make fun of Delay for being unmarried and yet being lonely.

She said that Delay does not have a partner and that she is suffering from loneliness as a result of this fact.

At the very conclusion of the video, Abena Korkor made a statement to the effect that, despite the fact that Delay is now without a companion, she need to hope that she would never find someone to date who is as inept as A Plus.

Video Below:


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