“Be content with your “Dumsor” because your situation is nowhere close to ours, we are living in hell” – Nigerians encourage Ghanaians

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A section of Nigerians on social media has encouraged Ghanaians to appreciate their power challenges since Ghana’s situation, no matter how bad it is, is incomparable to Nigeria’s.

According to these individuals, they believe Ghana is better off when it comes to the strides it has made in fixing its energy problems, unlike Nigeria where the leaders are still sitting on the fence, unconcerned.

One Nigerian, who once visited Ghana said he really enjoyed the country primarily due to the constant supply of power. According to him, he experienced “Dumsor” only once and the power was restored within 35 minutes.

This experience shared by David Hundeyin sparked a new conversation amongst the Nigerian folks who believe Ghana is way ahead of Nigeria as far as “Dumsor” is concerned thus Ghanaians need to appreciate their situation, nonetheless.

Narrating the ordeal they have to go through on daily basis living in Nigeria, these individuals said they have never experienced the constant supply of electricity for over 6 hours.

They also complained about how every Nigerian has grown weary of the situation which had resulted in many logging out of the system or just unperturbed.

They spoke about Ghana’s energy situation and believe Ghanaians need to be content with their situation because they wish they can move out of hell (Nigeria) to Heaven (Ghana).

Check Out Their Views Below:

Meanwhile, Ghanaians in recent weeks have been experiencing some pockets of prolonged power outages (Dumsor) cleverly described by GRIDCo and ECG as “routine maintenance works”.

Ghanaians believe the government needs to be honest by supplying them with a “Dumsor” timetable which they can use to plan their lives.

But Nigerians, will clearly look at Ghana’s situation and think Ghanaians are living in paradise because of their energy crisis which looks dire.




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