Be firm when criticizing GH artists; they don’t pay you — Mr Logic tell pundits

Pundits should be strong while evaluating artists’ works, says Ghanaian songwriter Logic. He advised critics not to praise unworthy artists’ work.

Mr. Logic argued that because artists do not pay these commentators, they must be professional.

“It’s about time critics criticized artists on their platforms. Be harsh with them. They haven’t paid you to be kind.

“I’ll be honest since you haven’t paid.” “You may be kind to them and anticipate wonderful things from them, but it doesn’t happen,” he said on Hitz FM.

Mr. Logic was missing from Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz broadcast when Kwesi Arthur came to promote his new album, “Son of God.”

He informed presenter Andy Dosty that he skipped the broadcast to avoid being labelled a hater for his assessment of the record.

“No artist can mock commentators. Not my cup of tea. You may mock us. You can’t expect to be showered with compliments on the radio and then make yourself scarce when you leave the studio. I just don’t have time for them.

“I had so much to say. It was best I waited. I am a hater if I had spoken my opinions, especially Kwesi Arthur,” he continued.


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