“Be Ready To Be A Slave If You Want To Marry A Woman Richer Than You”-Young Man Says

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A Nigerian man has served notice to other guys that they should be ready to become slaves if they have thoughts of marrying women richer than they are themselves.

According to him, you have to be ready to kill your pride as a man if that is what you are thinking about doing when you are due for a wife.

For him, being a slave and putting your pride behind you are the only keys to the heart of a woman who is richer than you.

This is definitely going to raise conversations, but is it all rich women who would want their poor husbands to be slaves to them?

There are genuine ones out there who would still treat their husbands with care and submit to them no matter how richer they are than their husbands.

For Joe Abraham, it will be a grave mistake for a man marry a woman richer than him, unless he is willing to be a slave to them and trade his pride for their love, care and attention.

In his thinking, a poor man cannot control his helper who in this case is his rich wife.

“Before you think of marrying a woman who’s richer than you, make sure you are ready to be a slave, kill your pride you will have the key to her heart, you are poor and you still want to control your helper,”

he wrote on Facebook.



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