“Be Ready To Get Laid If You Still Receive Gifts From Other Men As A Married Woman”-Blessing Okoro Tells Women

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The overly controversial Nigerian relationship expert, some call her self-styled, Blessing Okoro has a word of advice for married women who would want to continue receiving gifts from other men other than their husbands.

For Blessing Okoro, it is simple, if you want the gifts, you have to be ready to get laid because some men won’t give you a gift knowing they aren’t benefiting in any way from that gesture, she insinuated.

She added that gifts make a person indebted to the people that give them and it becomes something else when the gifts come from men.

She said emphatically that when you are married, it will do you a lot of good not to receive any gift whatsoever from any man.

Blessing Okoro believes that receiving the gifts means that you are flirting with the men and flirting ultimately leads to sex most often and so if you aren’t ready for that as a married woman, it is safe to avoid taking gifts from men once you marry.

She said this in response to a query by one of her fans who asked if it is right or advisable to receive gifts from men when a woman is married.

Below is her response to the query on her Instagram page;

“As a married woman if u collect gift from a man then u should get ready to sleep with him . Gifts kind of makes u indebted especially when it comes from a man …
Don’t collect anything from another man if u are married,it’s called flirting..
From flirting to sex …
Bible said gift of a man makes a way.”


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