“Be Wicked To Men, They Like It And Find It Attractive”-Lady Boldly Asserts

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Controversy is rife on social media with all manner of persons spewing out all manner of things, some of them unfathomable.

What we sighted from social media is one that would perhaps irk men and one that would also give men a clue as to why some women treat them the way they do sometimes.

If other ladies out there think the same way as this Twitter freak, it is safe to say that some of these ladies become very wicked to men purposefully because they think men naturally like it when they are treated in a wicked way.

According to the Nigerian lady by name Stephenie, men like it when they are treated in a very bad way and so she is urging other ladies to be wicked to them.

To her, when a woman is wicked to a man, the man often finds it very attractive and wouldn’t have any problem enduring it.

“Be wicked to men, they like it and find it attractive,” she said in her tweet.

Her assertion might just be out of place as very few men would want to be treated badly by their girls.

There are times a man endures certain treatments from his partner but that doesn’t mean that they enjoy and find it attractive.

Some times, it is just out of love and not wanting their partners to feel bad or get hurt that is why they endure and take it as if it is not getting to them.

If the said lady is making this assertion based on this, then she might have been living with a lie all this while as no man enjoys wicked treatment.

See her tweet below;

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