A beautiful lady who is also a known music video vixen has died and there’s this trending story that she was used for rituals by her boyfriend.

The said incident happened in Benin City, Edo State. From chats she had with her friends before her death, she dreamt that she was bleeding and in the dream, was told her boyfriend had used her for ritual.


Upon waking up, she noticed that she was indeed bleeding through her private part, and she it wasn’t her period, as she had already seen her period.

Immediately after this, she quickly called her pastor, who confirmed to her that her boyfriend, had indeed used her for rituals.

Wendy went on to reveal that the pastor told her to have a river bath within 3 days or risk losing her life. However, it seems she eventually lost the battle.

In the chat it shows she was so much in love with her boyfriend and didn’t want to believe it but now she’s gone..


Wendy’s friends have since started storming her social media pages to mourn her.

Check on her last chats with her friends below:



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