Beautiful lady breaks up with her boyfriend after finding out she could pay him his monthly salary four times (+Details)

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A lady has opened up on how she broke up with her boyfriend after finding out that he was a broke guy due to the mean take-home salary.

According to the lady identified as @Bae Tee_ in a post on Twitter, she saw her boyfriend’s payslip and realized she could pay him his monthly salary four times a month.

The lady stated that she had no idea her boyfriend was broke because she never asked him for money.

She admitted that, as a result of her upbringing, she has been spending on her boyfriend at any time on any day.

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In a series of tweets, she disclosed that she didn’t break up with her boyfriend because of the amount on his payslip but because he was relaxed and didn’t want to do some side work to supplement his income.

Read her tweets below;

“There’s this guy i once dated two years, i saw his payslip, realized i could pay him his monthly salary 4 times a month. I tried to stay in the relationship but I failed, MEN HIDE YOUR PAYSLIPS.

The reason I didn’t realize he was broke for that long is because, I never asked him for a cent, i am a woman who does everything for herself financial side, like if i come to ur house, i want us to go out, i pay for it. I see a shortage in the house, i buy, that’s how the woman

Who raised me did most of the things. I never saw my grandma going to grandpa and ask for money because electricity is running out. She’d just buy, when grandpa gives her money, she’ll take, but whatever is needed, if it is not enough, she adds.

There was never a time in the house where we came to see that grandma had a salary greater than that of grandpa. Finances never brought any difference between the two. That’s how i am.

The reason i left is not merely the amount on that payslip. But then, why would he just relax with that. I mean, no side hustle nothing! I have way too many goals and dreams to date someone who gets paid salary and feel it is enough”

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