Beautiful Lady Goes Mad Seconds After Alighting From A Boy’s Benz

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A young Nigerian lady has unfortunately been used to sort out cash for December chillings.

We usually hear these stories as we near days of festivities, and looking at how bad things have been this year because of COVID, people are exceptionally intent on breaking even in their finances so they can enjoy Christmas. Sadly, this lady has been used for this exact purpose.

In a viral video, she is seen acting in a strange manner, as people try to calm her and prevent her from walking into the street.

Testimony from witnesses show she was dropped off at a certain junction by a guy driving a white Mercedes Benz, and as soon as she stepped out of the car, she began showing signs of insanity.

Her family was contacted, and they were able to haul her into a car, away from prying eyes.

Watch video below;

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