Thursday, November 26, 2020

Beautiful Photo Of Child Beggar Warming Hearts On The Internet –But Poverty Knows No Beauty (Photos)

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Poverty knows no beauty at all. There are very beautiful people who are poor just like we have very beautiful people who are also rich and the case is true for ugly people as well but in our society, people often get surprised when they come across a very beautiful person who is soo poor.

In Ghana, you would come across most people young girls on the streets begging before they can eat–Some local citizens and some foreign but these photos of these Lebanese children have caught the eyes of the internet in Nigeria after a photographer shared.

Although they look very beautiful, they have to beg on the streets to survive–That’s life!

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Apparently, a photographer, @Lilian_isih came across some of them, and then took their photos… The end result is just amazing!

She captioned the photos;

“Met this incredible soul on the streets of Calabar begging for petty change… Such beauty shouldn’t be on the road! Let’s tweet until something is done about taking kids off the street! #childnotbeggar”

Beautiful Smile, if only her smiles could sack poverty from her life

She would grow to be a very beautiful lady—We pray her dreams are not killed on the streets

No two ways, they are beautiful–Poverty knows no beauty!


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