Beautiful Young Girl Dies Because Of Tramadol Abuse?

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Social media is inundating with the death of a supposed slay queen who is reported to have died yesterday, June 6, 2018, because of tramadol abuse. Although we’ve not been able to get enough details about what happened, close friends and people who know here have said that, she was abusing tramadol.

While many have blamed her for causing her own unfortunate death, some have said, she could not be blamed entirely because she was coming from a broken home and had no one to guide her path.

The young girl who seems to be in her early 20s was known as Candy Barbie among her peers has just lost her life because of her abuse of Tramadol. Some people have even insulted her for dying such a ‘stupid’ death and have advised others to refrain from the act.

Reports say this girl died because of Tramadol abuse
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One Social media user wrote;  “I don’t feel pity for this girls ooo..when they get An Iphone to take a good pictures they think they’ve made it in life #Lesson”

In another video of her that was posted, she’s seen in a club dozing off because of the abuse of the tramadol.

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We gather that Candy Barbie died with another friend of hers known as Cha Chaa who also died because of Tramadol abuse.

Candy Barbie, Ghana girl who died because of Tramadol intake

Although some admit they were high on Tramadol and that was the cause of their death, a friend has said that, it was because of some poison in their room and not because of the tramadol. We would check with authorities and update you what we are told officially.

Candy Barbie

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We are saddened by her death and are pleading with anyone to stop this abuse of tramadol. We don’t know why people find it hard to stop it especially when its dangerous to their own health. SHARE this story with friends, and let it serve as a lesson to all who abuse drugs.

Let us also know what we can do as a people to help