‘Because Of Politics, John Mahama And His People Wanted SHS Students To Fail Their Final Exams’- Nana Akufo Addo

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In a fresh interview with Angel FM, the president, and leader of t

The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo has said John Dramani Mahama and his cronies would have preferred a massive failure of SHS students during their final exams so they would use it against the ruling party. 

he NPP noted that the NDC and John Mahama are trying to create attention for praise because what they have come to realize is that the programme has yielded good result adding that, though they wished bad for the kids, they became successful.

“I think he (John Mahama) has come to realize that not only did the policy worked, but per their (students) results which were released recently you could see that there were some Ghanaians in the name of politics, who wished the children had failed. Can you believe that people have that kind of attitude towards the development of our country; that a whole generation of students must fail to make sure that the policy is discredited?

But God being so good it didn’t happen that way; on the contrary, the performance of the children is an outstanding performance this year”, he added.

He continued that the results have rather vindicated the policy though there were lots of difficulties like lack of infrastructure, among others.

“It has been shown that the policy is absolutely in the right direction. Why do we say it in the right direction? We say that because the wealth of every nation is not determined by the amount of mineral like gold, food crops. It is the people living in the country” he stressed.

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