Because you’re gay, you’re pained seeing men do the real thing with women” – Sam George and Fmr UK MP trade harsh words over LGBTQ issues

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Because you're gay, you're pained seeing men do the real thing with women" – Sam George and Fmr UK MP trade harsh words over LGBTQ issues

Ghanaian lawmaker Sam George trades harsh words with Former UK legislator Seb Dance over issues surrounding the legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana and other related issues.

The banter took place on Twitter when Sam George was been called out by a section of Ghanaians for pushing for the criminalization of LGBTQ in Ghana.

Celebrities like Sister Derby, Lydia Forson had fair share of the hard replies from Sam Geroge who was bent on tackling anyone who disagreed with the passing of the Bill against LGBTQ.

The Bill is meant to deter people from engaging in LGBTQ and also to sanction people who engage in the act. The act will be criminalized and culprits will be sentenced to a 10-year prison term.

Following the back and forth on social media. Seb Dance said Sam Geroge needs to renew his mind and appreciate the fact that allowing LGBTQ to be practised in Ghana will not destroy the country.

Sam George was not having any of that so he mounted a strong defence by rebutting Seb Dance.

When Seb Dance wrote the following words, it was the beginning of harsh unpalatable back and forth from Sam George.

“I hope you go come to your senses den reconsider rather than say you go build on colonial legacies which damage den limit de lives of many. Where de love dey?” Seb Dance tweet in reaction to George post.

Sam George wrote: I now understand your pain and anguish. You being a gay mana nd seeing other men do what real men do with women must be rellay painful…

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