Becca’s Husband Sends Her A Sweet Message As They Celebrate Their 2nd Marriage Anniversary

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Ghanaian songstress Becca has had a very smooth marriage journey in the past two years even though a couple of people have prophesied doom for their marriage.

Her choice of marrying a man from Nigeria came as s big shock to most Ghanaians as they asked why she couldn’t choose a man from her own country as a husband. Well, we all have preferences and so does Becca who owes no one any explanations.

Becca has been tagged as the queen of Ghana music by the masses but these same people are claiming that she is no longer the Becca they used to know for she had grown lazy after marriage.

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Becca seems unperturbed by all these comments by Ghanaians as she continues to flaunt her husband on social every time.

It’s been two years already since they got married and her husband Tobi eulogizes her with a sweet message. Check it out below and tell us what you think:


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There’s nothing new to you about this message cos you hear it from me all the time. @beccafrica you’re simply the best for me. Everything about you embodies greatness. You are a real woman… a very real one!!! Creatively blessed, a fantastic mother and the best wife. You wake up ridiculously early on a daily to fix breakfast and take care of the little one, off to the work all day cos you’re hands on and always there to get our businesses running, return home after 10-12 hours and straight to the kitchen to cook some of the most sumptuous meals you will ever taste in the world. This is not an exaggeration… she’s an amazing chef!!!!! You only come into sit after dinner is done and we’re all done eating. Without any rest, you jump into the studio to record. This might seem seamless/easy but it takes the super grace of God to be you! You’re a supreme woman, my supreme woman @beccafrica I appreciate every little thing you do. You’re constantly selfless and always pushing to be better than the best of you. I love you baby and I will do just anything in the world for you. Everyday, I think it’s impossible to love you more but each day our love takes new heights. For every little gesture you think i might not even notice, I say thank you my gorgeous baby. Happy Anniversary my love @beccafrica August 18th #Aug18

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