Sunday, November 29, 2020

Beef Alert: Efia Odo Exchanges ‘Blows’ With Afia Schwarz For Trying To Tag Owusu Bempah’s Son As Gay

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Afia Schwarzenegger is bent on tormenting the life of Owusu Bempah and it’s now obvious her beef with the Prophet is not going to die anytime soon, as she has decided to take his son on in a new post that she made on Social media.

Just recently, Afia Schwarzenegger revealed in Facebook post that, Owusu Bempah was a fake prophet who relies on what people tell him about others to prophesy and added that, she was the person who even confided in the man of God about her intention to divorce her husband because he abused her physically only for Owusu Bempah to come out to say that, her marriage was going to collapse but we exposed how much of a big liar she is in that article. You might want to click on the link to read it again.

In a recent post the comedian made on Facebook, she added a photo of the son of Owusu Bempah and subtly implied that he was gay. Her post’s caption with the attached image read;  “This handsome young man is a son of some pastor bi oo… Rumours have it that He is _ _ _ Schwar Tv is recording now…watch Schwar Tv for the rest of the story from Legon. Good morning Schwaralewas

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It turns out actress Efia Odo has some family relation with Owusu Bempah and so she jumped to the defense of her cousin (the boy you see in the photo above) to debunk the rumour Afia wanted to start spreading.

In a reply to the post Afia Schwarz made, Efia Odo wrote; ” “My little cousin isn’t what you think he is there isn’t any rumours like that lord knows”. She added, “Targeting a child because your feuding with his father is an ultimate low”.

Afia Schwarz then came in with a reply and intentionally asked what rumours she was talking about. She wrote;“@efia_odo are you sure or you just seeking attention on my page Madam…what is he not??? What rumours are u talking about???”

Efia Odo who also did not take kindly to Afia Schwar’s comment came back with, “I don’t need attention from you and I think the whole world knows that sister afia the rumour u are trying spread that my cousin is gay that’s what I’m talking about. U wanna attack my uncle go ahead but leave the child out of it doesn’t speak well of u at all”.

Let’s see how this will end.





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