Thursday, December 3, 2020

Beef Over: Freda Rhymz Thanks Sister Afia For Reviving Her Career

Freda Rhymz has shockingly sent a word of congratulations to Sister Afia for reviving her stalled career, few days after they engaged in one of the fiercest beefs ever witnessed in the music industry and capping it off with a physical confrontation at the premises of TV3.

The music industry got saturated with the intense feud between Sister Afia, Eno Barony, and Freda Rhymz. Although the beef excited fans and put life back into the music industry which lost its gloss over Covid-19, people got really worried about the infamous physical fight which ensued between Freda Rhymz and Sister Afia when they met face to face. 

But in a sudden twist, Freda Rhymz said in any case, she owes Sister Afia for helping her get attention once again.

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She indicated that since she took advantage of the ‘beef’ Sista Afia started, she has had a massive following on social media and especially her Youtube subscription.

“I’ve asked people to subscribe to my youtube but I’ve always not got people to subscribe but now go and see the numbers so for that side, I thank Sista Afia for that,” she said in an interview on UTV.

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