Before you marry her, make sure she is at least 1 month pregnant – Man pens controversial advice

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A Twitter user identified as BenX has given a piece of controversial advice to men who intends to settle down with their respective girlfriends in no time.

While many Christians and some people in general stand against pregnancy before marriage and giving birth out of wedlock, BenX is of an opposite opinion.

According to Ben, there is the need fro every man to get a lady pregnant for at least one-month old before making a move to settle down with her.

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In his view, the lifestyle of some women has made it very difficult to conceive after marriage because of the over reliance on contraceptives during their hay days.

According to him, the often use of contraceptive pills puts a strain on their chances of getting pregnant and it is his reason for making such an assertion.

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He tweeted;

“Unpopular opinion. Before you take your kinsmen to see your girlfriend’s parents, ensure she is at least 1 month pregnant. These people take Postinor like it’s panadol.

I don’t want to talk about the abortions cos it’s their body, their rights. It is very possible that you might have difficulty getting a woman pregnant.

Don’t increase the probability of infertility by marrying a Postinor vendor. Polygamy will not solve this problem. If one of your wives does not have a child, you will die before your time!” he wrote.

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