Before You Tie The Knot Check Your Blood Group Before You End Up Producing Sick Children – Counselor Charlotte Oduro Advises

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In as much as many couples are in a hurry to tie the knot with their better half, outspoken Ghanaian Counselor, Counselor Charlotte Oduro has a piece of advice for them all.

Speaking at the Love Clinic “Singles and Married Summit” lead by Elder Elijah Hayford at the Pensa Auditorium of Takoradi Technical University, Counselor Charlotte advised young couples to check their blood group before saying “Yes I Do”.

According to Counselor Charlotte, most couples who ignore this compatibility test end up marrying certain blood groups which affects their offsprings.
Counselor Charlotte is not far from wrong as most couples are of the believe that they can pray over not giving birth to sickle cell children.

” You have to check your blood group before saying yes I do to anybody. Normally people don’t really consider that. When you are both AS and still go ahead and marry, you will only worry your children. So get tested before making such a big step”. She advised.

In Africa, sickle cell disease (SCD) is a major public health problem with over 200,000 babies born per year. In Ghana, approximately 15,000 (2%) of Ghanaian newborns are diagnosed with SCD annually.

So before you rush to start making babies that cute guy, get checked first. Knowing your status will help secure the lives of your unborn children.

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