“Being A Girlfriend Is Not Some Paid Internship Job, Stop Calling Men Stingy,” Ladies Told

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Some ladies of our time always look to cash out from their relationship with a man, and any man that doesn’t pay is called all sorts of names including stingy.

A relationship is however a union of like-minded people who seek to support themselves towards reaching an end.

It doesn’t have to be that one party seeks to use it to gratify themselves.

To this end, a Nigerian life coach, Solomon Buchi, has taken to Twitter to make it clear to women in this bracket that a relationship isn’t a job or some paid internship where one has to get paid.

He admonished them to desist from calling hardworking men stingy as the are not.

According to him, ladies should find some work and do if they want to earn money and not disturb anybody’s son.

“Dear Nigerian women, A relationship is not a job.

Being a girlfriend is not some paid internship. Being a baby mama is not a job.

Stop going around calling hardworking men STINGY cos he is ignoring your poverty.

You’re the broke person here. It’s 2021, find work! Man no be work!” he said.

He added further that, ladies who think their boyfriends owe them money because they gave in to sexual intercourse with them, are probably trading their bodies for money and should be ready to accept that tag, otherwise, in his opinion, the act is a mutual action that both parties agreed to engage in and have both enjoyed and so no one should be demanding money from the other after it.

“If you think your boyfriend owes you money because you’re giving him sex, you’re a prostitute.

Own it with your chest.

Wait you don’t “give” a man sex; both of you HAVE sex, it was mutually enjoyed it, so he owes you nothing,” he added.

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